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Apple Mac OS X 10.7.4 Lion vs. Ubuntu Linux

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    Originally posted by RoboJ1M View Post
    I think "destroyed" is debatable, much as I prefer to use Ubuntu as my personal OS, I'm jealous of the polish put into OSX and it's suite of apps.

    I know the comparisons are all about PTS, but I think it would be nice to compare all the OSs from a functionality point of view.

    Take typical home user actions (burn a CD, upload files to cloud storage, record TV, play games, streaming media to DLNA compliant devices) and compare the OSs that are (or seem to be, just my opinion) tailored to the home user (Ubuntu, Win7, OSX, Mint)

    Quantifying "performance" is just subjective, but I think that's the part of OSX that Ubuntu is really competing with, not how fast it can read a disk.

    Still.... WOOHOO WINNAR!!!

    In this case... Kubuntu simply destroys OS X. I can play many more games via Wine than by using OS X. Everything what I expect from my system is easier, faster and nicer with Kubuntu as well. Most of my friends thinks the same.


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      Originally posted by johnc View Post
      Look at how awful the color scheme of Ubuntu is when placed next to OS X.

      Is it me? Do I not know what looks good and what doesn't?
      Ubuntu's default wallpapers are one of the worst I've ever seen.


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        Originally posted by kraftman View Post
        Everything what I expect from my system is easier, faster and nicer with Kubuntu as well. Most of my friends thinks the same.
        Then use the tech that is easiest and fastest to you. I find that the Gnome 2 environment supports my work the best. I find windows handles my corporate groupware the best. I find that Apple handles my leisure the best. The only real annoyance I face when mixing the three is that Outlook likes to play character encoding tricks, replacing tab with space and hyphen with period when I cut and paste between my groupware box and my linux box.

        We all like to brag about our tech being the best. We all have stories about how our choice made things better than someone else's. Truth be told, it's all crap. Apple, Linux, Windows.... All crap. It's funny how we fool ourselves into thinking that our turd somehow smells better than others. Then we conduct intricate benchmarks and comparisons of rasterized 3D scenes as if rasterization will mean something a decade from now. I'm sure that early industrialists did the same with steam engines via graphs of torque at different RPMs versus temperature and pressure, versus how many dinosaur turds you can fit into the furnace, as if the perfect steam engine was going to change the world any more than the mediocre ones did.

        I've always felt that Linux would be the launchpad for whatever comes next. It could be the foundation for the next big technological advancement. People seem so concerned with making it outperform Windows/Mac that they've lost sight of the goal. Stop competing with Windows. Stop competing with Mac. Stop trying to build a better steam engine. In other words, "Fuck Nvidia".



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          Nice to see Ubuntu mostly win the tests. Too bad Windows wasn't included.

          I'd like to see a feature and functionality comparison too. There-way of Ubuntu, OS X and Windows.

 (Old, oudated Windows/Linux kernel comparison)


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            Originally posted by schmidtbag View Post
            Apple's problem:
            They overcharge for old products and patent every little thing they can possibly think of to sue companies (including those who make parts for them such as Samsung) with every chance they get. I don't find apple to be evil but they're blatantly assholes. Steve Jobs' personality matched his company, so with him gone and Tim Cook taking the lead, I'm already noticing some differences.

            MS's problem:
            Oh.... where to begin. They're probably one of the most anticompetitive modern companies ever formed. In the beginning, they stole code from other developers, published the code themselves, and sued the original developers into oblivion. Back in the day, they blackmailed companies like Apple (hell, even Intel got blackmailed at one point) by saying "All Macs must ship with IE pre-installed or else we will stop making MS Office releases for Mac". Then there's things like how MS would find something with immense potential to be popular, but is only supported on a different platform. MS would buy out the company supporting it (for example, Bungee). Then there's MS's classic anticompetitive tactic which is known as Embrace Expand Exterminate, where MS out of the blue decides they love a product that they used to despise, then they actively start developing toward it, and once they get just enough of their code pushed in there to make a difference, they sue the hell out of any supporting companies due to some tiny hole in the licensing of the entire product. This has completely crumbled several companies or otherwise badly crippled others (such as Sun Microsystems). This tactic scares me because they appear to be doing it to linux right now, I'm just not really sure how they think they can get away with it.

            As for anything MS can't compete against, they just buy out the company, like Skype.
            Do you have some sources for that?


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              Originally posted by FutureSuture View Post
              Do you have some sources for that?
              PDF of the history of MS's anticompetitive lawsuits (several pages long, and this document is OLD)


              I forget if both of those sources and the sources within them explain everything I mentioned but you can probably find what I said pretty easily.


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                As pointed out on
                Well if you look at the MAFFT changelog, the version Phoronix uses (6.864) in the test does not have multi-threading for Intel Macs.

                As for the wallpaper thing, LOL. Who actually uses the default wallpaper (especially if they don't care for it)?


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                  Originally posted by DanL View Post
                  As for the wallpaper thing, LOL. Who actually uses the default wallpaper (especially if they don't care for it)?
                  I'm less concerned about the wallpaper and more repulsed by the brown and orange used in the window decorations and title bars and everything else.

                  Though the wallpaper is pretty obnoxious.


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                    osx open source apps

                    on my macbook air with osx lion in my dock i have firefox stellarium vlc gpodder xquartz gimp libreoffice audacity kdenlive macports and fink those are just a few of the open source softwares i use on my mac and all are good osx has terminal lots and lots of open source software is available for osx users can compile from source or download complete packages a cool looking light take anywhere laptop with good open source software to use on it

                    Originally posted by phoronix View Post
                    Phoronix: Apple Mac OS X 10.7.4 Lion vs. Ubuntu Linux

                    Before Apple releases Mac OS X 10.8 "Mountain Lion" next month, here's a look at how the latest point release of Mac OS X 10.7 "Lion" is performing compared to Ubuntu 12.04 LTS "Precise Pangolin" and the latest development snapshot of Ubuntu 12.10 "Quantal Quetzal" Linux.