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FreeDOS 1.1 Released With Many Changes

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  • FreeDOS 1.1 Released With Many Changes

    Phoronix: FreeDOS 1.1 Released With Many Changes

    For those that haven't heard yet, FreeDOS 1.1 has been released after being in development for several years...

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    I happen to have an old portable machine with a PCMCIA wired network card that has DOS drivers. Some time ago, I tried browsing the web with the ARACHNE browser under FreeDOS. I also connected to my Gentoo Linux machine using SSH. It was pure madness! In fact, even my PCMCIA wireless network card has DOS drivers but I wasn't crazy enough to try that.


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      FreeDOS is meant as a free software replacement to Microsoft's MS-DOS. FreeDOS is commonly good enough to be used for an environment from flashing your motherboard's BIOS, among other tasks.
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        I should also mention that as great as FreeDOS is, even on that ancient machine, I found that DOSEMU under Linux actually ran much faster. I guess it had the benefit of better underlying drivers.