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The New Installer Of FreeBSD 9.0

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  • The New Installer Of FreeBSD 9.0

    Phoronix: The New Installer Of FreeBSD 9.0

    FreeBSD 9.0 Beta 2 was officially released yesterday, about one month's late, but it comes with several new features. One of the new features to FreeBSD 9.0 is a new installer (pc-sysinstall) for this BSD operating system, which the developers have requested that it be put through its paces...

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    Tried it out last night

    I spent some time late last night giving rc2 a try. The new installer is more user friendly than the old sysinstall, although it seems that sysinstall is still there if you want to use it. Post-installation install of binary packages looks like will still be done using sysinstall unless they modify pc-sysinstall (bsdinstall) to do that. One thing I couldn't figure out however was using the new installer to install onto zfs. I was installing to a disk partition instead of a whole disk, so maybe that's why. Anyways seems to work pretty well. I did have an issue with the installer thinking a partition I deleted still existed when it went to format, but was unable to reproduce the issue on a consistent basis. Will need to do a bit more testing to figure that one out. Overall it's looking quite nice, looking forward to the finished release.


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      I used the Gentoo way, the last time I installed FreeBSD: prepare the harddrive, download the FreeBSD-base release, run, in the kernel folder, chroot, install bootloader, add users and some configuration, reboot

      The rest are ports anyway...


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        This new installer is a lot more straight forward, but I do love sysinstall.