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Mac Graphics Drivers Are Still Troubled

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  • Mac Graphics Drivers Are Still Troubled

    Phoronix: Mac Graphics Drivers Are Still Troubled

    While the Mesa / Gallium3D graphics drivers on Linux leave a lot to be desired, in terms of features, supporting the latest OpenGL specifications, and performance compared to the multi-platform proprietary Linux and Windows drivers from NVIDIA and AMD, the Mac drivers aren't too much better...

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    It'd be interesting to ask them what level of support or feedback Unigine gets from Apple on acknowledgement or visibility of fixes to driver problems or help to implement workarounds. Clearly, a company as big and well known as Valve seems to be able to motivate Apple to produce dedicated driver updates and established Mac porting companies like Aspyr probably have many contacts within Apple's graphics team. Do smaller game developers or companies new to the Mac scene like Unigine get the same assistance in addressing OS limitations?