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Debian GNU/kFreeBSD Benchmarks With Its New Kernel

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    Michael you do know that the Core 2 Duo is crap and crippled compared to any other real Core 2 Dual right.

    and yet again you dont run even a basic x264 HD CRF 18 encode clip test...., that would show you how crap/crippled the Duo is as theres not likely any other app thats more assembly tuned to each CPU and its capability's than x264 on the planet.

    so make x264 a standard test in your Phoronix Test Suite And Actually Run the thing and include the results on all your cpu's etc to compare.
    and make sure you use a current compiled x264 1745 version and ffmpeg from master at least, not some antiquated version in most current distro releases


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      Core 2 Duos were the staple Intel processors for a long while before the Core-i3/i5/i7 came out. There is no such thing as a "Core 2 Dual" and never was. Are you sure you're not talking about the Core Duo? Those were indeed the rather slow CPUs often found in budget laptops. It sounds like you are.

      But then, since Michael's machine doesn't have a Core Duo, but a Core 2 Duo, you'd be wrong and your pointlessly condescending remark could be considered stupid and irrelevant.