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FreeBSD 8.0 Benchmarked Against Linux, OpenSolaris

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    [QUOTE=phoronix;101793]Phoronix: FreeBSD 8.0 Benchmarked Against Linux, OpenSolaris

    So I read the test suite hardware was an IBM/Lenovo T61, which runs a 32 bit dual core Centrino cpu. Some people had issues with the OpenSSL RSA
    4096-bit performance under OpenSolaris 2010.02 beating the linux OS results down.

    I just want to say, I know that in order for benchmarks to be useful we like to see the various OS'es installed on the same hardware. However, if you REALLY need to get a great 'OpenSSL RSA 4096-bit'-type result, the Sun SPARC cpu (T2Plus) has (8) onboard crypto accelerators built-in to the hardware. If your benchmark suite can run on SPARC cpus, it should produce an OpenSSL result ORDERS OF MAGNITUDE beyond what an Intel Centrino can do (and it's priced accordingly too).