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OpenBSD 7.3 Released With AMD RDNA3 Graphics, Guided Disk Encryption

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    Originally posted by kylew77 View Post

    Not liking the website seems like an odd flex to not try an OS out for. I mean Slackware is a well respected Linux distro and it has a website that loads in seconds even on a dial up connection. I for one appreciate a websites simplicity. Not every web site needs to be like Facebook where the web site is a freaking application in and of itself and it gobbles of loads of RAM. The FreeBSD site is easy to navigate and contains the handbook which is all you need to know. The OpenBSD website contains links to the man pages and FAQ and the upgrade instructions. I know I can get any info I need about a release or soon to be release by going to openbsd [dot] org / 7x.html where x is the version. I mean the Xubuntu site isn't that complex either and it is a great distro too. I don't see how complex website == good OS? I just don't get it? But to each their own! Run what works best for you!
    Hey, I was thinking exactly on Xubuntu when I was writing it. It's a pretty nice website to a solid distro.

    Like I said it's not necessarily a fancy site, it need to do the basic, but at the same time it don't need to be fancy, it need to attract as is the first contact of a possible consumer to the project. At the first glance, the openbsd looks like an obscure project, which is not!