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FreeBSD In Q2-2022: More Than 30k Ports, Driver Improvements, Better Linux Compatibility

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    Originally posted by uid313 View Post

    While I do use Linux at home, I use Windows at work and I really like it, I think it is a great operating system and I am happy with it.
    I don't strongly prefer Windows over Linux or vice versa, I am quite content with both.

    I think the reason I still use Linux is that it is free and open source, else I would probably just have used Windows at home too.
    And to answer your original question in this thread: BSD users are not "moving to Linux" because we dont really like Linux all that much for one or other reason. It maybe be free and whatnot but it has shortcomings we dont need to deal with on BSD.

    From my POV for example: I can do everything I wanted to do in Linux on FreeBSD in a similar way or better. Without putting up its systemd, haphazard ducttaped nature, messy filesystem structures, weird surprises after updates, hangings on shutdown, reliance on GUI-driven configs - which make configuring options beyond the scope of said GUIs impossible because fucking utilities keep overwriting those configs, having to re-learn how to configure shit every 6 months because shit gets changed when some upstream asshole gets "another bright idea" how to redesign simple wheel... list goes on and on up to slowly creeping-in commercial telemetry. ONLY thing I need from Linux is DRM and that I can get to FreeBSD by just dropping whole Linux distro into jail.
    Hardware support ain't an issue. After I install my base OS, I will set it up how I like it and no more or no less - I dont depend on the whims of distributors and my OS stays CLEAN, lean and mean.

    I game on Windows, wouldnt bother doing it on Linux anyway.
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