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AmigaOS-Like MorphOS 3.16 Released With Better Performance

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    Originally posted by pmorph View Post
    Back then, I could basically tell the meaning of every file present in the OS install, which was nice, as you could quite boldly try and experiment with whatever you wanted, and still revert any unintended damages with ease. I haven't used Morph OS, but maybe they have kept some of that spirit intact.
    Directory structure is still the same: S, C, L, Devs, Libs, ... So installing/uninstalling stuff is simply copying files around most of the time + somtimes modifications to S:Startup-Sequence.


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      Back in the day, I used to follow Amiga related developments. MorphOS a closed source clone of the also closed source AmigaOS. A duel between small groups of people fighting over the corpse of at once a great computer made from other people who are now long gone. A great waste of anyones valuable time. BTW there was also an open source clone AROS. Don't know if it is still a thing.