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Apple macOS Monterey 12 Performance Is Surprisingly Competitive With Linux

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    Originally posted by ruthan View Post

    All these efforts honorable as they are, arent yet good enough for real usage and its year or so M1 is released.. M1 is nice, but its not something ground breaking except that first fast ARM core.. what is nice. I checked some Parallels x86 gaming results and its still much slower than native x86 even on cheap cpus and GPus. To make M1 clear winner even need even much more performance.. or better implementation on Parallels or similar software side.
    The point of M1 is it caught on AMD and outran Intel (by a big margin, when we talk about power constraints in a battery running laptop). From that point, the device vendor can add as many circuits to accelerate target groups' needs as they want. And it will still be one main chip (you need a lot of area for the large battery). Highly energetically effective as there's no transferring of data back and forth (Heterogeneous Memory Architecture).

    PS: Emulation takes some CPU performance, but rather don't ask how many times it's slower on generic ARM CPUs like in the Windows laptops. Also rather don't ask how slow is common integrated GPU in Windows laptops.
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