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Benchmarks: FreeBSD 13 vs. NetBSD 9.2 vs. OpenBSD 7 vs. DragonFlyBSD 6 vs. Linux

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    Originally posted by Linuxxx View Post
    So, being a BSD fanboy yourself (why else choose it over the superior Linux alternative?) you actually use F*CKING WINDOWS to actually get some form of entertainment out of your otherwise miserable BSD experience!
    Well done, I bet your fellow BSD comrades are really proud of you!
    BTW, how are all the gaming related improvements Sony made to their downstream PROPRIETARY OS working out for "ya"?
    Also, since "ya" obviously love your (childish) curse words, here's one just for "ya" from me:
    Nah, "ya" really think I would descend to "ya" peasant BSD levels?
    Of course not; I'm a Linux user for a reason, after all...
    I am wondering why are you labeling BSD users as "fanboys". Because simple preference does not make one a "fanboy". On other hand, what are YOU then, because by same metric, you are even more of a fanboy - you attack others for their preferences? Could say, you are outright blind fanatic

    That "superior Linux alternative" - let's look at it, shall we..

    "Superior" by which metric? Hmm. General hardware support, yes sure. But it's no big deal, because one can pick hardware fitting his OS. You still need to do same with Linux as well. And it's still far inferior to contemporary Windows hardware support. Once you do have entirely compatible hardware, that aspect of Linux loses it's advantage against BSDs.

    But when it comes to gaming hardware support - more precisely, their configuration utilities, Linux is pretty much equal with BSD's. It's got nearly nothing. I've got Roccat and Logitech gaming mouses and VKBSim joystick I cannot really re-program either under Linux. I would need to boot into Windows for that. Headtracking - LOL, good luck getting TrackIR work on Linux as well as it works on Windows - you can sort-of use it but its hit and miss and painful experience of endless trial and error. Same with my 7.1 gaming headset, cannot utilize driver-specific fine-tuning because those options I need just aren't there in Linux's generic driver. Window's has them tho. Plus, Linux ALSA just plain SUCKS with it's inferior userspace design.

    Now let's look at available games: compared to Windows.. relative dearth of games. MP (the most fun part) is rather limited to Valve titles plus some more. Oh, you can fuck around with Valve's Steam Deck, Proton or whatnot and run many Windows games to limited degree but it's just.. adding OS's bugs, compatibility issues and game's own fucking bugs into one giant steamy pile of miserable user experience compared to just booting into Windows and running something.

    And that "sort of using it through trial and error" + potential breakage due upstream changes is what succinctly describes entire Linux "superior gaming experience". Like brushing teeth through ass and then punching yourself into dick for the sheer delight of it.

    Other aspects:
    Linux desktop vs BSD desktop: no real difference once things are set up.
    How come "Linux's superiority" does not reflect in it's desktop/laptop PC usage..? something like 1% of PC's running Linux desktops.. pretty pathetic for "superior" item.


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      Originally posted by Linuxxx View Post
      … smelly … I'm …
      Et cetera.
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        Originally posted by grahamperrin View Post
        Firstly, the ignore function doesn't even work in the first place!

        Secondly, you've got serious mental issues because you fantasize about becoming a gimp, as evident by the link to the article you posted earlier, therefore you should seek help immediately!

        Third, if you BSD folks can't even counter my valid arguments, then sure, go ahead and ignore me.
        Nevertheless, that won't save your kind from becoming completely irrevelant in the future anyway...

        Just too bad about all the manpower that could have been spent much more wisely on Linux!

        Have a great life!


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          Originally posted by grahamperrin View Post

          Things got tough in that industry during lock-down. Look, what someone might do to earn a few extra pennies: <>
          I am forced to use windows how much worst could this be in comparison


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            Originally posted by Linuxxx View Post
            Third, if you BSD folks can't even counter my valid arguments, then sure, go ahead and ignore me.
            Countered basically your claim of "superior Linux 'gaming experience'". Somehow you had nothing to respond with. I got even curious what you'd try to come up with as in the way of Linux apologism because as an gaming platform on PC, compared to Windows, it just sucks.

            For rest of the things, if need be, we can just run Linux or multiple Linuces simultaneouslyu in FreeBSD jail and run anything we like and BSD doesn't support straight. Netflix-like DRM or whatever.

            There's also kernel translation layer for Linux syscalls. I am testing it out right now whether I can run Arma 3 linux game server off it. Binary itself works, I need to still test steamcmd utility. If not, I will just put it into separate Ubuntu or CentOS jail and be done. All without having to deal with Linux directly or play with it's various implementations made in insane asylum or corporate labs.

            Originally posted by Linuxxx View Post
            Just too bad about all the manpower that could have been spent much more wisely on Linux!
            Majority of contributors are huge enterprise entities and their paid minions. Private citizens contribute and have very little say. Even Linus's 'lieutenants' are enterprise-hires. Linux is basically corporate bitch these days and it's corporate "sugar-daddies" led by Red Hat basically dictate how big it "tits" what shape it's "butt" are. Might as well develop for Windows Server (laugh).


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              It always makes me laugh when someone brings up that FreeBSD will never make it on the desktop. Well no duh! They're not trying to make it on the desktop, and RIGHTFULLY SO. What led us to switch to FreeBSD (5.1) is that they weren't losing their focus as a server OS, and they still aren't today. It has been an all around better experience; better performance, better stability, and MUCH better documentation.

              Unbelievable why there's always some "Joe Dumb Dumb" who switches from Ubuntu to FreeBSD and then whines when it's not like the OS he just came from.


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                It's even funnier it works as a desktop just fine, provided you take your time setting it up. Maybe 1h tops. Close enough Linux analogues would be Arch or Slackware. Also Gentoo if you like compiling your FreeBSD.
                Switchers from 'buntus expect their hands are held, GUI's would be there for their clicking and being given CLI just baffles the fuck out of them. Ergo.. "it sucks".. It's never them being stupid, its "OS being bad".


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                  Originally posted by aht0 View Post
                  … works as a desktop just fine, …

                  Focus area 1 of 4:

                  Technology Roadmap | FreeBSD Foundation ◀ <>


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                    Originally posted by Linuxxx View Post
                    the ignore function doesn't even work
                    The function does work as intended. Less noise. Down from nine pages, to three: