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Redox OS 0.6 Released With Many Fixes, Rewritten Kernel Memory Manager

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    Originally posted by ElectricPrism View Post
    Redox OS has lead to many command line utilities I prefer to their GNU counterparts, bat can be really nice for numbered line output. fd is a simpler find, the cool thing is a lot of these utilities are in the AUR and available as cargo so they run on Linux just fine too.
    fd is a simpler find? Even simpler than mlocate and plocate?


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      Oh good, I was getting worried given the lack of updating of their website.

      As for the not-Firefox webbrowser, I really hope they don't lock down the extensions so much. Security is one thing, not supporting even specially-vetted extensions or making sure the needed APIs are available before forcing users to upgrade is a whole different (losing) ball game.

      If nothing else, I want to be able to reconfigure the GUI again, even if with a limit to the number of toolbars allowed.

      A thought occurs to me: with Rust and continuous integration, there would be no need to drop old-but-good protocols like Gopher just because there's nobody maintaining it constantly.


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        I really like this project but the total lack of communication about progress and never any build provided (except not even once a year) is really driving me away.
        Was a time when Jackpot51 was giving interviews and details about it, but now it's absolute silence.

        What happened and why do you guys act like this ?
        You try to kill any hype about your project on purpose ?

        Making a 50 lines article every month will only take 30 minutes of your time.
        If you have hundreds of hours to spend on the dev, you definitely have 30 minutes to spare to write about the project, lack of time is not an excuse.
        So please put this extra effort, that will help everyone.
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