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    Originally posted by stiiixy View Post
    California and Yew Nork couldn't exist without the other state's supporting them, with food and other industry's.
    California is the 5th largest exporter of food in the US, and has a ton of farmland. But of course you're right that the entire US economy between states is deeply intertwined and no state could separate from the others without lots of difficulties.


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      Originally posted by Mathias View Post

      I once read a darknet-forum post from a guy who claimed he just came from some islamic training camp. He talked about the freedom to go to islamic Starbucks with your AK47 and nobody giving a fuck and how that freedom is so important to him. I think many (far from the majority) US citizens would be jealous of that freedom... Who needs the freedom to live in dignity if you have weapons?
      Uhm. You can do it in Europe and with it's supposedly strict gun laws. I was like 19 when I had permit for military assault rifle (was member of national militia), going in grocery store or cafeteria after field exercises wearing BDU's and assault rifle after in hand was absolutely no issue as long as we removed mag from the well. Problems would have started when you started pulling shit like posing with your gun or lugging it around for no justifiable reason. Leaving weapon and ammo unguarded somewhere would have been punishable in fact.