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FreeBSD Adopts A New Code of Conduct Based On The LLVM CoC

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    Originally posted by paupav
    Wow COC that is not based on postmodern neo-marxist ideas. Is it even possible in 21st century?
    Marxism and postmodernism are fundamentally incompatible, since Marx's philosophy is based on science and postmodernism rejects science.

    Now, the new CoC says essentially the same things as the old one, just in a less politically-marked way. It may look less political but, fundamentally, it's still the same. I find it better formulated this way (I do not like activist language) but this does not change the fact that anti-discrimination activists won, and it's great.
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  • scratchi
    You can install Steam on Freebsd now! Just found this yesterday and been testing it for a bit: Source games work, but VAC servers crash the game. Left 4 Dead 2 single player is fine and you can join non-VAC server in TF2. Some unity games work, but I don't have sound...could be just my machine. Check this out, it's crazy!

    The port and package are games/linux-steam-utils

    Lots of good info in this forum thread too:

    P.S. I had to install webfonts for text to be legible on login
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  • Templar82
    New one looks far more reasonable.

    Good job in actually fixing a really stupid mistake brought on by a vocal minority.

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  • Redfoxmoon
    I'll get me popcorn.

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  • FreeBSD Adopts A New Code of Conduct Based On The LLVM CoC

    Phoronix: FreeBSD Adopts A New Code of Conduct Based On The LLVM CoC

    Following a survey of FreeBSD developers gauging interest in a new Code of Conduct and then a follow-up survey of keeping their current CoC versus adopting one similar to the LLVM or Go projects, FreeBSD has now settled on a new document...