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ReactOS 0.4.13 Released With Fixes For USB Storage, Less Blue Screens of Death

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    Did anyone try Command & Conquer?


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      Last time I tried ReactOS it was in a Virtual Machine. An old build of Filezilla worked really well for moving files in/out of the VM from a Linux host. I had 3D modeling applications working, it was looking pretty sweet.


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        Originally posted by zexelon View Post

        This is an interesting suggestion, unfortunately it would not really help React. Win95 to Win Mellenium (a.k.a. with Win9x series) were all based on DOS underpinnings (more or less). Windows NT through now to Windows 10 are all based on the Windows NT (a.k.a. New Technology (now really quite old)) foundation and kernel. Open sourcing windows 9x series now would perhaps help FreeDos with their retro system but beyond that unfortunately it would not be of much use to modern systems. ReactOS is attempting to emulate the Windows NT series.

        Now if they say open sourced Windows NT 3 or 4 that would be huge... but also there is probably a ton of Windows 10 that still requires that old code and they would want to keep it closed.
        I hear a lot about the differences from win95/win98/winme vs winnt/winxp/win7, but since it is closed source, can really anybody say for sure that they are completely different? From what I've seen/heard, don't be surprised if a large majority of the code is still duplicated/replicated (while omitting just the DOS dependency) rather than entirely written from scratch. To me, it seems MS is constantly yanking all the useful easy methods & functions, replacing with troublesome/difficult methods & functions. And removing the DOS dependency was likely one of the first dependencies to go.

        From what I understand, open sourcing winnt will probably take an act of God (AKA USDOJ), before winnt is open sourced.


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          Originally posted by Xaero_Vincent View Post
          I suppose the question to ask is does ReactOS run Windows applications and games better than Linux with WINE?
          Nowhere near it, but it _will_ support old hardware better than Linux will, because Linux will remove support for old hardware, but on this thing, you just install the drivers and you'll be good to go.

          The primary purpose of the OS is to enable people to have a look at what happens on the inside of a secret system that is very important in the world. Sort of like having an ability to see through walls as if they were transparent.