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FreeNAS 11.3 Released With A Plethora Of Improvements

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    Originally posted by starshipeleven View Post
    There is no way in hell that you can have decent performance on an embedded NAS with ZFS. (decent= the same as mdadm raid or single disk with ext4), and most people that just need a NAS are fine with a normal embedded NAS without ZFS.

    Once you go past the 350$ pricepoint it's better to just buy a turnkey NAS-like system like HP Microserver product line and installing FreeNAS on it.
    Exactly! ZFS performance depends heavy on RAM quantity and quality. Mine zfs nas easily saturates 10gbe Ethernet just with hard drives. But there is xeon silver and 192 GB of ram@2400 mhz. Definitely well above 350 USD.


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      Originally posted by ksec View Post
      Still wish there is a Consumer Ready made NAS solution built on top of ZFS.
      Not really sure what you mean.. you mean small business or home user?

      You mean like this?
      TrueNAS Enterprise is a family of storage appliances that modernize how data is stored and protected to simplify operations and reduce cost.

      Or more business'ey like this?
          Full-Featured SDS for Enterprise Applications

      Sorry, we couldn't find the page.. The page you are looking for may no longer exist.

      Accelerate your business and protect your clients with our suite of integrated business IT solutions.

      (Datto's is ZoL based.)

      Hard to really provide a product when FreeNAS / XigmaNAS / Proxmox + Hardware means you're done.. For business there are solution all the way up tho. (and not just Oracle, DDN makes some ZFS products too. Indiana University has a whitepaper on their 100pb? DDN ZFS Lustre array, it stores climate change research.)
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        Originally posted by Buntolo View Post
        Before posting? How could you?
        Different timezones. When it's 3 o'clock for Michael, it's only 2 o'clock for Tilde, so there's an extra hour in there. Also, don't forget leap year. Have you ever seen the movie Back To The Future? It's kind of like that.


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          Originally posted by sandy8925 View Post

          Isn't this basically consumer ready? Or do you mean some vendor selling boxes with FreeNAS (using ZFS) pre-installed and ready to go?
          Yes, something like Qnap or Synology.

          Originally posted by cynic View Post

          not that I'm aware of, but there are some based on btrfs!

          The next-generation file system Btrfs ensures a high level of data integrity while taking advantage of flexible, efficient data protection and recovery tools. Btrfs is available on selected Synology NAS models.

          NOTE: not intended for start the n-th fight btrfs vs ZFS
          Thanks I know that but was rather looking for BSD + ZFS Combination.

          Originally posted by hajj_3 View Post

          They sell Freenas devices, they are very expensive though:
          Yes, exactly. Not very consumer at all.

          Originally posted by starshipeleven View Post
          Check the supported products. It's all high-midrange NAS, or true businness-grade racks, both with Intel CPUs. Prices don't go below 500-600$ and can go up in the multiple thousands.
          The 2 Bay 218+ Starts at $300, and $250 during discount. 918+ 4 Bay starts $550. So not really out of reach but also quite high priced.


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            Originally posted by ksec View Post
            The 2 Bay 218+ Starts at $300, and $250 during discount. 918+ 4 Bay starts $550. So not really out of reach but also quite high priced.
            For 350$ you get a HP microserver gen10 with 4 bays and install FreeNAS.

            As I said in another post in this thread the embedded NAS get expensive much quicker than server hardware.

            And I'm still talking of new hardware, mind me, if you shop for used stuff you can get older gen HP miniservers for 100$.