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Microsoft Windows Server Benchmarked Against Six Linux Distributions

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    Nice metrics, Michael! They do exactly confirm the sluggish experience that people have with Windows in general. The most simple tasks like working with files (copy, move, delete), creating multi threading workloads (e.g. rendering with Blender in one process, browsing in another), or installing updates just take ages and cause hickups on the server and desktop editions, of course. They have the same crappy kernel under the hood.
    These are all things that Linux handles with ease. It doesn't have as many easy-to-use tools for everything yet, but it's completely free and having a solid base to build upon is way better than hiding the deficiencies of the core OS behind some slick UI animations and a crappy graphical tools for every last config you could possibly think of. But who cares when you can't even do most basic tasks at a reasonable speed?
    The only problen is that most typical business software runs exclusively on Windows, this prevents the mass of windows power users from switching. The average user can't even distinguish what version of Windows he has, so he could just as well use Linux as they mostly need some browsing, storing data and editing documents, things you can do easily with Linux as well since decades now. Instad the world is using this bloated pile of crap OS.
    See also this article: