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FreeBSD ZFS File-System Code To Be Re-Based Over ZFS On Linux

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    Maybe with this rebase they'll rename it ZFS on Linux on BSD or ZoLoB for short


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      Originally posted by JAYL View Post
      Maybe with this rebase they'll rename it ZFS on Linux on BSD or ZoLoB for short
      It sure is going to be funny. "ZFS on Linux" which shall be used on Illumos Solaris and FreeBSD by default but can't be used on Linux itself without jumping through legal hula hoops first..


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        Originally posted by starshipeleven View Post
        According to what they say ZOL does have significant more features than their current Illumos upstream.
        It's not about fixes, but about development speed.
        What I understood (after reading multiple forums and bunch of mailing list emails), it's not so much about ZoL having more features but the fact that main contributors to the Illumos upstream are migrating to ZoL, Illumos itself is migrating to ZoL and OpenZFS would be pretty much dead in the water with next to no further development going on. Also ZoL's pace of development is faster, due to larger amount of Linux devs.

        Main contributor to OpenZFS is migrating because Illumos upstream takes too fucking long pulling in contributed changes. Now Illumos woke I guess.

        From what I understand ZoL still lacks support for NFSv4 acl's, TRIM etc. OpenZFS even has native dataset encryption, it's being security-tested by iXSystems and is just not yet mainlined.
        It's supposedly about jumping ship early enough to have more word and weight in ZoL development.
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