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GNU Hurd Hardware Support Remains In Very Rough Shape For 2018

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    Case in point: Hurd. Despite being older with a more concrete goal in mind, there's a reason why Hurd never succeeded whereas Linux did
    The actual reason for that is that Stallman and everyone else involved in developing GNU tools immediately saw the value of Linux and abandoned Hurd in order to push Linux further. FSF later revived Hurd as an alleged competitor to Linux, but really just a side academic project.

    But the fact is that Linux needed the GNU tools and development from the GNU folks at least as much as Stallman and friends needed Linux.


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      Originally posted by WolfpackN64 View Post

      Why not? A FOSS microkernel developed by the FSF. It has a ton of problems, but at the very least it's interesting.
      Ton of problems after 25 years of development?? Rotfl


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        Originally posted by boboviz View Post

        Ton of problems after 25 years of development?? Rotfl
        Creating an account on Phoronix to add short quips about other people's creations. Rotfl

        What's your obsession, boboviz , with bad-mouthing articles with FSF and GNU being mentioned?