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FreeBSD-Powered OPNsense 18.1-RC1 Released

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  • FreeBSD-Powered OPNsense 18.1-RC1 Released

    Phoronix: FreeBSD-Powered OPNsense 18.1-RC1 Released

    For fans of the pfSense-forked OPNsense FreeBSD-based firewall/network operating system, the first release candidate of OPNsense 18.1 is available for testing...

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    I am seriously considering switching to opnsense from pfsense due to the way pfsense have treated the opnsense guys. There is a lot of crap on the web accusing opnsense for all kinds of things, but considering what pfsense have done I'm not so sure how serious it is. For example you can find a post accusing opnsense for code theft from pfsense. What a piece of crap. How can you steal from an open source project? Besides pfsense requires AES now which is weird since libressl have acceleration if it's present and a software fallback if it's not. Pfsense while being a good firewall seems to be under sinister management.