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Happy New Year's From Phoronix & Here's To An Awesome 2018

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  • Happy New Year's From Phoronix & Here's To An Awesome 2018

    Phoronix: Happy New Year's From Phoronix & Here's To An Awesome 2018

    I would like to wish all Phoronix readers a happy new year and hopeful that 2018 will be even better for Phoronix and all open-source/Linux communities...

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    Happy 2018!


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      Happy New Year to you Michael, and to everyone on this forum!


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        Originally posted by debianxfce View Post
        It is too early to celebrate year 2018, it is Sunday all over the earth and new year begins at Monday.

        In Kirimati it is under 2 hours to the new year. In that time the public sector can build an intergalactic highway over the earth and nobody celebrates the new year.
        pedantic and comedic in one post - nice


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          Many thanks happy new year to all of you.


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            Thumbs up for Phorinix in 2018 then!

            Instead of wishing happy new year and all that I might as well come up with a "feature request" or wish-list for 2018.

            1. Some icon / tag to categorize articles (and you can combine them):
            1a. Technical stuff (Kernel released, GTK3 released, I/O scheduler changes, process scheduler, filesystem etc....)
            1b. Audio related (Audacity released etc....)
            1c. Graphic related (GIMP released)
            1d. Games (Self explanatory....)
            1e. General news about people (E.g. Linus Torvalds ate my hamster)
            1f. Hardware stuff (somebody built a 128 disk, 8192cpu monster server)
            1g. Benchmarks
            1h. Misc stuff

            2. Login on (so you don't have to visit the foums and log in for premium content in case the system forgets about you)

            3. More technical articles

            4. More hardware related articles (mainboards, expansion cards - I imagine HBA's is interesting for many people - what works out of the box on for example Debian , Fedora etc...)



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              happy new year 2018 !