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Should Phoronix switch to a different "main" distro?

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    So long as Phoronix does some distribution comparisons now and then I rather like having the default distro be Ubuntu. It is my distro of choice at home and in the cloud, but even if it wasn't it's popularity and predictable releases make it a solid target. I might switch to Arch, but Phoronix should stick with Ubuntu while it remains the most popular and accessible choice.
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      I think it's interesting that the poll seems to reflect home/desktop almost exclusively rather than business use (e.g. servers). That's not bad, just an observation. I voted "I don't care", but in terms of usefulness for work, I would expect results like: CentOS > Ubuntu > OpenSUSE > [everything else].

      For home use, I might be in the minority, but I've generally had more than enough power to do what I want and thus some, but not a lot, of interest in performance metrics. For work, which is nearly equivalent to servers, hardware and software stack decisions make a huge difference that plays out over years. But I'm not trying to argue in favor of a server bias, just surprised that votes aren't reflecting that in the poll.

      On the desktop, I used Arch for about 5 years at home and work, then decided that I cared more about the desktop experience than the distro flavor, and switched to Bodhi. Then I recently switched to Ubuntu Budgie. I'm still an Arch fan but at this point I'm more interested in whoever provides the most convenient and useful DE (for me, of course). And I'm still waiting for the perfect distro.