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Site performance? Slow loading?

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  • Site performance? Slow loading?

    Is it just me or is phoronix really slow the last couple of weeks? I accept the Ryzen benchmarks probably contribute to an increase in traffic, but I've been noticing timeouts and loading times of over 30 seconds at times during the last couple of weeks even before the launch.

    I'm just wondering if it's an issue with my ISP's/DNS or if others are experiencing the same as me?

    Cheers guys, need my phoronix fix ;-).

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    Hmmm past few days have been slow due to Ryzen traffic, but prior that that not aware of any major issues.
    Michael Larabel


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      I wish I had made a note of the day/time when I was experiencing issues. I will try to keep a note for the future and let you know if it still keeps happening.


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        Scripts connecting to 3rd party hosts/content like amazon ads, etc?
        At least for me "cleaned" Phoronix is loading almost instantly but with noscript and adblock disabled I see Firefox bottom taskbar waiting and connecting to 3rd parties "Connecting to...." Might also be some plugin interfering. Had to remove Ghostery in past because it slowed the browser somewhat down..