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Rendering problems in Firefox for Android (and proposed solution)

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  • Rendering problems in Firefox for Android (and proposed solution)

    Hey Michael, any chance you could fix the rendering problems in Firefox for Android? It should be a simple change, and it would also simplify your code as far as I understand from the comments on

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    Thanks for bringing it up again. Saw it before but was busy at the time and then lost the link. The sniffing in question was just a check for not containing Safari in the string, which at the time wasn't exposed via Mozilla's HTTP user agent string (IIRC, this was few years ago). Anyhow, I've disabled that check. Are things working good for you now marco-c ? Still checking to ensure no regressions for other browsers.
    Michael Larabel


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      Mmmh, unfortunately not, now I need to scroll to see the graph (both in Firefox and in Chrome, maybe you're serving the wrong version unconditionally instead of the right version?)


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        Hey Michael, any news?