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  • Michael, I never block ads on Phoronix, but to say "thank you" and to buy you some time, I purchased an annual subscription. However, I think it's fair to say an alternative model will need to be considered. Please don't disregard what people are saying here.


    • Originally posted by Xelix View Post

      Have you considered shifting the focus of your website from quantity to quality? Most of your articles are about "project X released a minor new version", or "I ran my benchmarking suite on distribution Y and here are the results" and quite frankly I believe lot of people don't care. I've seen you several times saying that you have to focus on quantity rather than quality in order to make a living but I'm just not convinced by this. I'm really not convinced that writing that many "empty" articles is the only way you can survive financially.

      I think LWN is a great example. Once in a while they post a (short) news article, but the real value of their website is their weekly newsletter which is always very interesting, and brings a deep analysis on various topics that you often cannot find anywhere else.

      This is very reasonable advice. Try to think about what problems people have and how you can solve them. Simple Linux/Ubuntu problems are already handled quite well by You specialize in hardware benchmark tests. So maybe you can provide some guide which hardware is worth to buy, the guide updated each quarter. For example I want to buy a laptop for a developer, which one works the best with latest Ubuntu, what drivers should I install. I want to do some deep learning stuff and need gfx card for computations, which is the best for that? And so on. You can also provide user poll and ask for topics they are interested in. Some kind of hardware certification should be also useful. has is awards system, Phoronix can have something similar but in scope of Linux compatibility and performance.
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      • I think that tutorials would be a good thing to start doing on Phoronix. You clearly do some advanced things to set-up software on your computers that novice or even intermediate Linux users wouldn't know how to do. A good start would be to make guides to install software that isn't from Debian packages, such as new drivers.
        I wouldn't put tutorials on the front-page, but you should link to installation tutorials on the articles about software releases.

        I know that you like to make posts by request of paying members. Has anyone ever requested a tutorial from you before?

        Oh yeah; and add a login button on the main website. I only made this post because I was stopping by to log-in.
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