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    Originally posted by xav1r View Post
    Will there be refreshments at this conference? If so, count me in!
    You can't have a conference without at least one free beer event.
    Michael Larabel


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      cool man, what's SMS btw? :P Is that txt msg from cell phones?
      shorthand morse-code syntax


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        Which is why the traditional Nokia ringtone plays SMS in morse code


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          Sounds good Michael. I do think it should be a forum where any Linux game developer can go to demo and pitch their products. Upcoming tech demos/game products and have it streamed online.

          I think that should try to reach as many people as possible.


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            Isn't this what Linux Game sites are about? Granted it's not directly what ModDB does ( in terms of PR ) but it's already something.


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              The biggest challenge IMO rather than getting the people to join in and talk in such a conference, is to actually generate a program of talks and forums, workshops or round tables that would be held. Have all the activities geared towards a theme or objective. For example, maybe it would be a good thing to have the first of such a conference geared toward the state of gaming on Linux and the projections of how could it be increased and who are doing things (and what are they doing) to make it bigger. I think we could also have a series of talks about the challenges involved in the different steps of the way:
              • Since conceiving a FLOSS game (for example an open source game such as Battle for Wesnoth or Yo Frankie! - Apricot).
              • The process involved in the evolution of the games.
              • Challenges they faced while creating the game.
              • Problems they encountered, etc.

              The same for those commercial games available on Linux, and even though we might know much about the state and difficulties involved with it in forum small talk, have those who actually are in the trenches working to bring us commercial games for Linux is a whole different story. Without talking specifics, have TTimo, Icculus and Svartalf in a panel discussing:
              • The current state of commercial gaming in Linux.
              • The challenges of bringing commercial games to Linux, and
              • what has to change in order to get more commercial games on Linux.

              Add to that the opinions of people from LGP and Runesoft and what have they to say about it.

              Invite AMD, Intel and nVidia representatives and have a forum or moderated debate (as Michael already suggested) about Graphics on Linux, and more specifically about Open Graphics, drivers, forthcoming technologies, applications for these technologies (gaming, imaging, scientific visualization) in/with Linux, etc.

              Bring some big name software companies as well to the party, such as Google (gaming on Android?) and maybe convince these companies to sponsor the event (at least in part)...

              I better stop now, there is not much I could do about this, but I sure as hell would like to at least attend to one such event!


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                Meh... too traditional - I suggest getting the Google CEOs to formally challenge the CEOs of Intel, AMD, and nVidia to a Grand Nexuiz Contest, but they have to run a linux client on their own hardware, and the winner gets to make the second-place company write a Linux game where monkeys throw poo at a caricature of the loser, and if they don't do it Google bans all references to them from showing up in searches.