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Tiling The Linux Benchmarking Server Room For Lower Temperatures

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    Originally posted by Uqbar View Post
    There are also other technologies, but the margin of this post is too small to fit the discussion.
    I giggled. Though you really should've given four techniques before the reference.


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      Originally posted by Ferdinand View Post
      Because black absorbs more sun light? How does color impact how much heat it transfers?
      If the stuff in the server room started generating heat in the form of visible light, then the color of the tiling (as well as the one of the walls and ceiling) could affect the thermal status.
      But in that case, I fear, Michael would have some major problem with the equipment. The heat we normally experience comes in the form of infrared and red photons (about 400 Celsius degrees). To get it visible and thus subject to visual coloring we'd reach twice (and more) the temperature.
      Sun's yellow "temperature" is about 1000 Celsius degrees and it's subject to different absorption levels accordingly to visual coloring.
      Then, absorption and reflection (and visual coloring) has little to do with heat transfer. Very very little, if any.
      I hope Michael's heat will keep staying invisible. For the sake of his business and house!
      Even if Michael is willing to keep is business "hot" and his house "cool" in a sense other than thermal. :-)