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What Year-End Linux Tests Would You Like To See For 2015?

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  • What Year-End Linux Tests Would You Like To See For 2015?

    Phoronix: What Year-End Linux Tests Would You Like To See For 2015?

    With the year quickly coming to an end, I've already started work on my usual year-end open-source/Linux comparisons to show how the performance has evolved over the past year...

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    Wayland Weston vs Xorg benchmarks for the Raspberry Pi (I heard weston has a backend specifically for the rpi which results in better performance)

    Wayland compositor benchmarks (kwin vs mutter vs weston vs enlightenment, etc)

    Custom kernel benchmarks (bfq vs cfq, uksm memory usage vs no uksm, zen tuning)


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      Energy consumption by laptops playing VP9 or H.265 [email protected] and @60FPS videos.
      Using for example MPV.


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          Do a LXD x KVM x Xen test, please!


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            It's end of the year: so maybe some time related tests ? Or maybe just an article ?

            What is the status of the work for the Year 2038 problem on 32-bit Linux ?


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              Linux 1.0 vs Windows 95, please.


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                More Fury with amdgpu and steam Linux games. It's running well for me and my Sapphire Fury X running kernel 4.3 and mesa 11.0. I'm having trouble with kernel 4.4 slowing down to not playable with Dota 2 but Left 4 Dead 2 works fine.

                I tried to bisect, but kept getting failed builds.
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                  lvmcache speedup results with (ideally) mirrored data and SSD cache drives. Or a better comparision between bcache and lvmcache. I've been quite happy with lvmcache, esp since I can remove it fairly easily if need be.


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                    Absolutely what SethDusek and tessio suggested.

                    Also, some fresh x86 Linux (Arch/Antergos, Ubuntu, Fedora, OpenSUSE Leap) vs. BSD (Free, Dragonfly) benchmarks. Graphics performance comparisons with Linux vs. DragonflyBSD (with the same supported graphics, of course) would be nice.

                    It would also be interesting if you could compare Linux distros on ARM as well.