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Running Some Fresh Windows 10 vs. Linux Graphics/Gaming Benchmarks

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    Originally posted by bridgman View Post

    That's a slick idea, didn't know you could do that. Moving them out of the articles would make "Premium" nicer too
    I agree, I like that idea as well.

    I do wish there was content that was Premium subscriber only. I would pay even more per year for exclusive content.


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      Originally posted by Michael View Post

      Huh? I haven't even covered a Linux conference now in close to two years, so no cross-country trips since then.... Haven't even been on a plane in over a year. Nor have I ever spent $1000 on a single piece of hardware, the most ever was on the R9 Fury for $600 since AMD didn't send out a review sample and many Linux users want to know how it performs for obvious reasons.
      Thanks for reading our comments. I'm wondering if you're considering any of the suggestions, or if they don't really interest you. Alternatively, you could lock down your site like New York Times, Walstreet Journal, etc., so that visitors can only read x amount of articles before they need to pay to get in. I just assumed that you would rather have the site be more open rather than closed. (plus, it's easy to delete cookies and keep reading on those locked down sites...)

      Note that I am not opposed to you making money from your website. I understand that phoronix is a business, and any profit - whether ads, premium subscriptions, or tips - is earned by the work you do.

      However... To be blunt, I don't support whiners. I work anywhere from 40-70 hours per week, with no paid vacations. I write code, admin unix servers, support customers, and deal with corporate BS. The latest is that we all get pay cuts so that the corporation can bump its stock price up a little bit (they make tons of money but whine that they need to cut costs). I don't complain to my company's customers that I just got a non-merit-based pay cut - I consider that to be unprofessional behavior. My dream is to run my own business... I know it doesn't make an instant millionaire, and that it may only bring enough money to get by, etc. But you *have* that. You don't have to put up with the 9-5 BS, or the swing shift BS, or working late nights/early mornings because someone called out sick BS, plus trying to write code, plus supporting customers, plus getting pay cuts so your boss's bosses can get extra bonuses. You make the money you earn, and the better job you do, the more money you make.

      My point is, please don't complain to us about money. We have money problems, too, and most of us don't have a hugely supportive community/fanbase to keep us going financially. If you want to trade your business for a day job, please do. Many would happily take your place running linux vs windows benchmarks and leaving their day jobs behind. If you do want to continue with your business, please don't let negativity ruin everything you have. Take a vacation. Either write up a queue of articles for when you're gone, or hire a temp/freelancer, or just write that you'll be out for a while.