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The Increasing Rate Of Linux News; Only 39% Of Site Traffic Is From Linux Desktops

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    For me it just depends on the OS I just have booted. Some games are yet Windows-exclusive. While I rarely, if ever, buy new Win-only-games I still have some (most of which are ports are announced ).
    So maybe it drops by some amount when Payday2 is out for Linux


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      news is the reason i come here, not stats or benchmarks. news. i don't want to read all the mailing lists and commit logs, i want someone else to and give me an overview, and for that i'm very grateful to Michael


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        Based on the operating system when Phoronix readers are viewing the site, 39% are from Linux, 32% from Windows, 16% from Android, 6% from OS X, and 5% from iOS.

        Well, hopefully you found these stats insightful for one reason or another. Don't forget to help the site if you enjoy all of the content on here -- that's often exclusive -- over the past eleven years.
        yes, they were very much insightful. 2% of people obviously evolved to the point where they connect with some form of telepathy and bypassing device/os all together. except, it seems that for some reason this evolution is still in alpha stage where browser tag is not reported correctly

        p.s. yes... i know the cake is in the unreported decimals


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          Usually browsing this page from either my Android Cellphone, or from my windows gaming laptop, or from my Windows/Linux stationary.
          I'm lazy, and can't be bothered to boot into Linux as I still play a lot of windows only games, and use MS office on my stationary, so I hardly ever boot into my Linux partition.

          I'm keeping a close eye on the state of Linux, though. I expect great things from Wayland, Vulcan, Steam, and the graphics drivers to come.
          Vulcan has so much potential. Still looking forward to the day where someone makes a functional, basic demo of D3D9 on Vulcan (I know a little coding myself, but I'm rusty, and haven't got a clue where to begin (Valves intel Vulcan driver would probably be a good place to start, but other than that, it'd take me ages to learn all the necessary things)). A unified OpenGL implementation on top of Vulcan, would also be pretty sweet.

          Once Linux is easy enough to maintain from a computer illiterates point of view, and we're sufficiently rid of Flash, Silverlight, Java, and the likes, I'll start moving family members to Linux. Most distros are pretty easy to use, but things like boot managers still mess up far too often after updates, that I'd put anyone with less than average knowledge of computers through that.

          I'm convinced though, that NEXT year will be the year of Linux :P


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            1.84% from Opera
            That'll be me then.


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              Originally posted by jbysmith View Post
              Some of us just don't have an inane hatred of other platforms or are on a crusade and just prefer to use what they want.
              You don't have to hate other platforms to avoid Windows. If I was to build a computer for a relative that doesn't know the first thing about computers, but wants to read email, browser the net and talk to me using Skype, I could easily slap (K)ubuntu on that machine and shave a few bucks off the total cost.
              Hell, when my sister's MS Office installation was acting up and she couldn't print something she needed fast, I just told her "use the Google Docs Luke" and that was it. There's less and less reasons to use Windows with each passing day.


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                Originally posted by mao_dze_dun View Post

                Can you redirect me to an OS with proper drivers and Crossfire support?
                os with proper drivers is linux. crossfire is a cheat


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                  This is obviously a sign that everyone wants to use Linux, but nobody wants to use Linux in it's current state.


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                    I have a feeling the actual amount of Windows users is lower. For many people, like myself, I might have a computer at work that uses Windows, even though I regularly use linux at home. If a poll were done to have every reader identify the OS they prefer or use on a regular basis, I'm sure these numbers would change dramatically.


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                      I have been Windows-free since November 2012. Before that, I used to dual-boot between Windows and Linux after I change motherboard and I don't want to pay for Windows ever again just to reactivate. I am very price-conscious and OEM is cheaper than retail version of Windows.

                      Sorry, Microsoft, You already have enough cash cow for now... But then I really want to play games made for Windows and I don't want to bother afford one, so what can I do? (sigh) Ugh... Forget about Windows games. And forget about WINE as well. I've been trying to get surround sound working through PulseAudio and HDMI, but when playing Portal 2, I don't get to hear Cave Johnson speaking from behind me. Portal games for Linux only support stereo.

                      Windows 10 is a boring operating system anyway if I build a machine specifically for gaming. I suppose I can get back Aero Glass (Glass8?) and Classic Shell and only create a local account, but why bother? And why bother with OneDrive and all the Microsoft services, including Cortana that I don't care at all? And why should I care about DirectX 12 that M$ boasted so much? And last but not least, why bother activating Windows at all? To prevent piracy? Pffft. You can't stop piracy, M$. No matter how hard you try and I hate having Windows being tied specifically to a motherboard once I activate.

                      All and all, I feel so much happier with Linux and I am currently using GNOME 3 as my desktop environment of choice. And I want to pay to play games and I am very happy with that; so long as I can play games in any platform of choice.