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    Hi Micheal,
    here's a couple of quirks that I don't like:
    - while my android phone is loading the article comments forum pages I scroll down and start reading.. but in the meanwhile the page keeps loading/expanding and pushing/shifting me to another spot of the page.. I have to scroll again a couple of times to reach the point where I already started reading. No I never wait for the page to be fully loaded and it didn't happen on the previous version of the forum (or was it the previous-previous?)
    - right now I can see while typing that somehow the website is auto-saving.. where are the drafts? I just tried to open the page with my user settings and lost all of my typing.. couldn't reload what was autosaved. Please where are those drafts?
    - on mac os x (not tested on linux yet) when in chrome and typing the browser shows me typos (with default autocorrection) and when I right click for suggestion/fixes I only get java (is it?) contextual menu
    - how do I disable the emoticons/smileys from showing?

    Thanks for all,
    I love the flame click bait articles the most
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      Okay, the forums are okay, but it hijacks the right click menu. So here is a tip. There is an advanced button when you edit posts. Clicking it does two things. It gives access to some text editing features. And it unlocks the right click menu. Why is this important? The advanced menu doesn't offer spellcheck. But on browsers that provide spellcheck, the right click menu now provides spelling suggestions.

      I would like for the advanced menu to be shown by default for all users, but if you are logged in, it seems to save your preference. So thats good enough for now for me.