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The Insane Power Use Of Benchmarking Linux Every Day

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    Originally posted by duby229 View Post

    That might be a good idea. I have a honda 2200w generator in case of power outages. If fuel turns out to be cheaper it might be a good idea. On the other hand to power that whole farm it would probably have to be a lot bigger than 2200w.
    Speaking as someone who uses a gasoline powered generator frequently (13 hp, 7000 watt), gas costs a LOT more than nuclear/hydro/coal generated power from the grid. I'm talking orders of magnitude.


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      Originally posted by schmidtbag View Post
      I don't see solar as a practical option - too expensive, not reliable enough (when considering weather), and would require a large back yard to cover his needs. On top of that, he would probably need a building permit. Just a huge hassle overall. Wind power, or maybe even just getting his own electric generator would be a more economical option.

      I'm not sure what the uptime is of these servers but I figure anything that isn't frequently tested should be shut down entirely. I figure WOL could do wonders for Michael.
      Do you realize that this isn't a "one or the other" type of choice? You can SUPPLEMENT one source of power with another. So although it may not be practical to fully power everything off of solar, it would certainly be able to knock some amount off of the consumption from the grid.

      In some areas, you are also allowed to feed INTO the grid with solar/wind/etc., which means effectively using the grid as a battery (saves you the expense of buying a heap of batteries). When your consumption is low and the sun is blasting bright and the wind is blowing strong, and you are generating a surplus, you push the excess into the grid for your neighbors to use. When its night/still/etc., or your consumption is high, you run off of the grid.

      In fact, without having to buy batteries, the setup price for solar is really not all THAT high. Just panel your roof with solar -- no building permit required -- hook in, and see how much it can lower your power bill.

      The need for buying batteries is mostly only required for the anti-establishment type of people who just want to cut all the wires, or for people in areas where there is simply no grid available, or where the grid is so far that the cost of hooking up is prohibitive. My grandmother's cottage, for example... the quote for bringing hydro in was 3 million.
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