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Making Phoronix work better with Tor users

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  • Making Phoronix work better with Tor users

    Hi, I came across this today, and thought I would pass it along since I know there are some Tor users who regularly post on Phoronix.
    I'm not qualified to tell you if this works or not, but it does seem like something that might work, and at least check to see if it would be a good fit here.
    In case the embedded link & description are broken, I've quoted part of the Readme below:
    Originally posted by Automatic CloudFlare Tor Exit Whitelister Readme
    Automatic CloudFlare Tor Exit Whitelister

    CloudFlare provides an external service to defend your site against denial of service attacks. Unfortunately Tor users are often inconvenienced by repeated requests to solve CAPTCHA's due to CloudFlare's threat scoring approach.
    CloudFlare does not currently provide a means of allowing Tor visitors. Website operators should be able to take advantage of the increased stability and DoS resistance that CloudFlare provides without blocking their anonymous users.
    On the tor-talk mailing list, Moritz Bartl proposed the idea that operators could explicitly white list Tor exit IP addresses in their control panel as a stop-gap measure to avoid blocking their users.
    This script is a rough proof-of-concept which whitelist's Tor exit IP addresses via the CloudFlare REST API. Problematically CloudFlare currently enforces a maximum limit of 200 access rules per user or zone. However the top 200 Tor exit IP addresses currently represent ~95% of the exit probability. as such using this should still significantly reduce the user experience for Tor users.
    cloudflare-tor-whitelister - Whitelist Tor exit relays to allowing Tor users access your CloudFlare-protected site without CAPTCHA's

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    We don't even use CloudFlare anymore.... We only did for like a month or so earlier this year.
    Michael Larabel


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      Huh- not sure why I thought you still did. Sorry about that!


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        On a slightly unrelated note; any plans for Phoronix to support full HTTPS?


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          Originally posted by Espionage724 View Post
          On a slightly unrelated note; any plans for Phoronix to support full HTTPS?
          Somewhere on my very long TODO list, yes.
          Michael Larabel