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Welcoming The 2015 Phoronix Summer Intern

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  • Welcoming The 2015 Phoronix Summer Intern

    Phoronix: Welcoming The 2015 Phoronix Summer Internet

    This summer on Phoronix we'll be welcoming Eric Griffith to the team, a student from the California University of Pennsylvania. Eric will be an intern at Phoronix via his journalism program at the university. Eric has already written about his new laptop with Linux and he'll be writing many more Linux/open-source articles on Phoronix over the next few months. Please join me in welcoming him to his summer internship. He's prepared a few remarks to get started...

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    Cool, More content.

    As far as what content, it doesn't matter. Basically whatever you decide to provide. For myself, I always appreciate hardware support news. Not every article needs benchmarks, but when performance claims are being made benchmarks are good to see.

    Also, if you need any hardware, this might be a good thread to let everyone here know what you need. Or if anyone here has any hardware they would be willing to donate to you. Let us know how to contact you safely.


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      Awesome! Congrats, sir.


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        > Finally, I welcome criticism of any articles I write during my time here.

        Well you sure did come to the right place for that. You can get criticized around here for just breathing air.


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          Awesome! Content doesn't matter for me as well.
          But one thing I definitely would love to see is a review about the current state of VPN's on Linux. The only experience I made so far (L2TP over IPSEC) was lousy. So if this is not too much off-topic or aside your expertise, that would be cool.
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            You could review Dota 2 for Linux. It is a free to play game distributed in Steam by Valve. Maybe see if you can get a hand on with Dota 2 using Vulkan thorugh Michaels contacts and try to play it on Arch for instance.

            Also maybe review the new Ubuntu 15.04 and it's Systemd release. Show people what one can do with Systemd on their systems.


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              Always thought a structured series of articles interviewing Intel, AMD, and Nouveau about their current focus with the drivers and where they think they will be in a years time would be interesting. Also interviewing some game engine developers on working with the different drivers and a wishlist.
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                  Awesome, more content!

                  I would like to see more interviews with the dev leads or higher-ups of some of the more prominent Open Source projects, maybe describing the current state of said project, and plans for the future, etc.


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                    I am glad Phoronix is getting a new member. More articles is great. Keep an eye out for new features. Also, I use Arch as well, and I love it, but as you said it is not a big source of news, but that doesnt stop news about other distros from being interesting. You can also help Michael keep an eye out on mailing lists. I would personally like to see articles about new APIs and bindings for Google Go.

                    Good luck and cheers to more articles.