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Posts not being marked as "read" reliably...

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  • Posts not being marked as "read" reliably...

    Is anyone else noticing this ? I did occasionally have problems before the upgrade where posts I had already read showed as unread next time I came to the site (even after refreshing) but after the upgrade it seems a lot worse. I haven't played with the "Mark Channels Read" button yet, guess that's next.

    EDIT - OK, that was boring. The "Mark Channels Read" button doesn't seem to do anything.

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    Hmm, seems to be improving with passage of time. I guess turning the computer off and on again really does help


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      Seems things are ever-evolving in Phoronix-land


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        Having trouble with it this afternoon, but I think it worked before.


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          Hah ! Now I'm not seeing *any* unread messages...

          EDIT - except for *this* post
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            OK, so that's really wierd. When I refresh the main forum page I see correct indicators of unread posts for a short period during the refresh, but just before the refresh is completed the indicators go away. Stock Firefox on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS.


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              OK, root problem seems to be that list pages (list of forums, list of threads in forum) are not refreshing properly, ie they usually contain out of date information and the bad "unread messages" flags derive from that out of date info. As an example :

              Look at the second thread. The date is out of sequence relative to the threads above and below, and when you click on the thread the last date is actually a lot newer than the one by "timex" that shows in the summary.

              That said, I doubt VB has a "build list pages using random data" option so no idea what the actual problem might be.


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                Is this fixed for you? I have this problem too and it really annoys me, because it breaks my "workflow". Or is there another way to find out what thread has new posts after your last visit?


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                  Nope, still seems to be getting worse. Reading the forums these days is a matter of guessing where there is likely to have been activity and clicking there.

                  Seeing the same behaviour on two Ubuntu/Firefox and two Windows/IE systems, so don't think it's a platform-specific thing.


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                    Too bad.
                    My feeling is also that it's getting worse. A few ago weeks I only had this problem in the "Site discussion" forum, but now it seems to be wrong everywhere.
                    Well, one could argue that it is at least consistent now