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No way to change theme?

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  • No way to change theme?

    White text is awful (sub-pixel hinting). Instead of white, it looks green/yellow on the edges.

    Any way we can have black text?

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    Maybe you are using the wrong res for your monitor or your fontconfig is not optimal.


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      I was able to fix it *somewhat* by totally removing M$ fonts und using DejaVu fonts instead. But still white font is a bad idea. Subpixel hinting is not even intended to work with white text.

      I use the native resolution of my TFT (1280x1024). DPI 86x86 (correctly detected by X). RGB subpixel-hinting. BCI instead of auto-hinter.

      Here's a screenshot. White text looks horrible, black text looks beautiful:

      Btw, the default font size of the forum is too tiny? Or is it just me? I'm on 19" TFT.

      Many forums have a theme-chooser with at least 2 themes (one for black text). I think it's a good idea. Please consider it