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  • PTS Global design

    As we've received a number of very excellent submissions so far for the PTS Logo contest, we've decided to 'extend' the contest a bit - to include the design of the PTS Global website.

    We'll offer the winning artist of the logo contest a chance to design the website - so that the logo and the website go together. No website coding skills are required; just the graphics themselves. Should the artist decline, we'll then offer the design of the website to everyone else, most likely in a competition again - but in either case there will me a monetary compensation for helping an open-source project out. It'll be bigger than the logo prize amount, too!

    If you're a logo artist, check out the info section of the logo contest (click) please and answer here.

  • #2
    No problem from my side,i already have design in my head for all 3 logo versions that i have made.


    • #3
      I could do the globalPTS design as well, assuming there wouldn't be a quick deadline.

      BTW, all my submissions are in svg format.


      • #4
        Oh, of course there will be a resonable deadline.


        • #5
          Great stuff. I don't have time though. OpenGL sure takes a whole chunk of time. Bah! Debugging OpenGL effects is hell!


          • #6
            I'm definitely interested but my talent other than some graphics skills is website technical design and web application architecture. So if I win I'll want to play around with a lot more than just graphics.



            • #7
              I have no problem doing that. Even the coding as well. My profession is web designer anyway . Win or no win i would be glad to help you guys.