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    That CSS style is an admin option, and should be applied to all users. So far I haven't received any other reports of WYSIWYG editor text problems.
    Michael Larabel


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      Changing the monospace font to arial 'fixed' it, but I actually like it with courier. Have you tried creating a non-admin user and testing it out Michael?


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        The correct WYSIWYG editor font is appearing for me, even if logging out of the account, etc...
        Michael Larabel


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          Hey guys,

          Grats on the phorums, they look great. Now for a couple ideas I have had.

          1) How about adding a field underneath the username, where people can list what Distro they use?

          2) Broken FAQ?

          3) Is there a way to adjust the forums to appear in the more common threaded mode? With the user information to the left instead of on top?

          4) I haven't seen any signatures yet.. are they ruled out? Would you consider small non-HTML sigs?

          That's all I can think of. Keep up the good work


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            1. There is a field in the profile where they can add their Linux Distribution of use.

            2. FAQ isn't currently implemented. Is there a link still showing up somewhere in the forum for the FAQ page?

            3. Due to no avatars at this point, the username and other relevant information is moved to the top.

            4. Signatures should be enabled.
            Michael Larabel