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    These general rules must be followed by everyone wishing to use the Phoronix Forums. Failure to comply with these rules will lead to the immediate removal of your questionable posts, or even a permanent ban, depending upon the severity. The removal of messages or accounts may occur without warning or explanation. Please contact us (using the link on the bottom of the page) if you are in doubt over a potential posting, or would like to report illicit activity taking place on these forums. Phoronix also reserves the right to ban any user, at any time, and for any reason.

    01.) Absolutely no flaming, name calling, sexual harassment, or other personal attacks will be permitted. Respect everyone, including the moderators and administrators.

    02.) No thread jacking will be permitted.

    03.) Spamming will not be tolerated.

    04.) Please refrain from using excessive amounts of profanity in your posts.

    05.) Respect all copyright laws, Terms of Service agreements, and Non-Disclosure Agreements when posting material. If the material does not belong to you, make sure to credit the original author.

    06.) Posts that violate any local, state, or federal laws will not be permitted. Such laws could include the violation of copyrights, trademarks, patents, or other intellectual property. The discussion, suggesting, encouraging, or engaging in any illegal activities is also strictly prohibited.

    07.) No posting or linking of pornographic content, or other obscene material is allowed.

    08.) Each forum member is limited to ONE (1) account.

    09.) We recommend not posting personal information about yourself (i.e. telephone number or address).

    10.) Post your message in the respective category.

    11.) Only post in ENGLISH.

    Phoronix and its representatives also will not be held liable for the result of the usage of any information provided in the Phoronix Forums. Phoronix takes absolutely no responsibility for content posted by its users. All opinions and views expressed in these forums are solely those of their respective authors and are not necessarily the views of Phoronix, its representatives, or any other site sponsors and supporters. These rules may be modified at any time without warning or notice. By posting on these forums, you agree to abide by these rules and terms.
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    Michael Larabel