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    IMO phoronix could easily provide practically all information of use to everyone, well,, within some limits, but for simple stuff like collecting dmesg, /proc/interrupts etc, all it needs is that some always run script, like for example the test suite(havent really looked into this yet) would include it, and then as soon as someone requests something more, that just gets included, so that every time new useful information is discovered, it can very easily be collected and distributed..

    and presentation shouldnt really be a problem either.. those who do need this information, or wish to read it, will have zero problems with a nice tarball containing it all, and those who dont need it, will not be bothered(well, if they do, they need to see a psychologist) by a small link to the tarball, or possible it could just be a directory listing with tarballs, linked to somewhere on phoronix forums or well.. it doesent really matter..