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HTTPS Will Be Available To All Phoronix Readers

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    Originally posted by finite9 View Post
    Can you add the Live bookmark feed to http as well? There is no way to edit this in firefox so when you load an article from the rss feed it just goes to http.

    I find the rss live bookmark feature extremely convenient to identify new unread articles.
    Pretty please?
    email: [email protected]


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      Thanks very much for HTTPS. Turned on adds but a big moving anime game (if it only were not moving and not an anime game XD) ad directly under an article is indeed distracting. I guess when at least a "A" rating is reached here I'll make a donation (but ads turned off since these kind of ads annoy and I don't click on them anyway).
      To reach an "A" rating you just need to change a few lines in the apache2 config (. Try and may combine some lines from on the first page mentioned (like "SSLCompression off" (you may read here why to disable it). For a "A+" rating a bit more work is needed I think.


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        The mentioned site also shows how to get an "A+" rating or simply


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          Thank you very much. Will consider tipping if you tweak your settings to reach A+ rating (very easy to reach, I do this on all my sites and only IE6 running on XP will be left out). The "unfortunate ad-blocker" mention is fair enough. You know my reasons.


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            Nice one Michael. While I'd much rather HTTPS be the default, and certainly would like at least an -A rating (which should be possible even on Debian Wheezy with the included version of Apache, which is only 2.2.22), this is definitely a step in the right direction.


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              Hi, michael

              Glad you enable HTTPS Support, it's a big win I think.

              Now to the real reason I created an account:
              I don't want to tell you how you should make your money, but personaly I use adblock, because the ads really destroy your else amazing fast page load times.

              I have found that with the acceptable ads setting it's ok, for me on the desktop, but not mobile.

              My suggestion to the problem would be to add a setting to disable ads selectively for logged in users, eg a checkbox that says disable top banner, disable side banner,...
              Because personally I don't find the top banner that annoying and would enable it to support you.

              I really would hear your point on this topic michael.




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                Thank you.

                I, like many others, have disabled ABP on this site. I have no problem viewing adverts on sites of value. It is an oversight that I didn't disable it sooner.


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                  About thye ads,
                  I use noscript to block unwanted content. As of right now I do have some of the addresses ive found that arent too annoying unblocked, but most of them are still blocked. You probably are making some money from my page hits, but not the maximum potential.


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                    Tracker blocker, not adblocker

                    Still using a tracking blocker and not an adblocker but don't see any ads on this site ever. Try getting ads that don't try to track me across the entire internet and I'll view them and pay your bills. Continue using only tracking ads and I have no sympathy about blocking them.


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                      Originally posted by NateHubbard View Post
                      You're kidding right? This site is one of the worst I've ever seen for ads.
                      You must be kidding, or else you've only been a few places on the internet. CNet is an example of so much crap going on that it's hard to even scroll down, TheVerge has these videos that autoplay after about 10 seconds at the very bottom of the page at full volume, or the sites with the really nasty click-bait articles that either have disgusting images or erotic ones. So, by comparison, no, not the worst.