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Experimenting With No "Hover Ads" On Phoronix

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    Ad-block, flash-block, ... hell, just about EVERY kind of block.... are not just for you.

    So don't think you're special in any way.

    So no. Not taking down any blockers. EVER. Not unless YOU PAY ME to see ads.

    I charge $10 per ad.

    (contribution now sent in to support adblock plus...)
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      Originally posted by Awesomeness View Post
      How about a mobile-friendly site?
      Jesus titty fucking christ... THIS


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        Originally posted by ssokolow View Post
        Where do I donate? The "make a PayPal donation" text just links to the PayPal front page and I don't see any PayPal buttons kicking around in the site template.
        Fixed link. It's Thanks.
        Michael Larabel


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          Best thread ever, people freaking out over ads like they deserve things for free, someone sticking his face on a T-Shirt, and...
          Jesus titty fucking christ... THIS
          Herp de derp lets ignore the recent resign for this very reason.

          However, the forums could use the same treatment, but I have a blackberry so it doesn't hurt me any.
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            Originally posted by profoundWHALE View Post
            Best thread ever *snip*
            You got low standards... although... the T-shirt was funny.


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              Originally posted by tmpdir View Post
              You got low standards... although... the T-shirt was funny.
              I find the conversations funny, simply because of how depressing they make me feel about the human race in general. That, and I think that I'm a little insane.


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                Originally posted by M1kkko View Post

                Would surely buy one of these.
                lol. Seriously though, I sent Michael this screenie awhile ago but haven't had any response to it. I'm considering setting up a shop for the Embroidermodder project and was planning on partnering with other open source projects or sites that either don't offer shirts/hats or that the ones that do could then at least have some quality gear rather than the current offerings.

                I would buy some phoronix beer just for the novelty if Michael ever does something along that line for Oktoberfest or something...


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                  Originally posted by mendieta View Post
                  How about partnering with a geek gear vendor and sell stuff like Phoronix-tshirts, mousepads, etc. Could this add significant revenue? It seems like a low risk thing to try. Cheers!
                  That'd likely generate only a few hundred or so a month, if that.... I really don't see it being a viable revenue source.
                  Michael Larabel


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                    Thanks! These were by far the most egregious offenders in your advertising arsenal. I'm happy with statically-positioned graphic and textual adverts, it was the dynamic pop-up and mouse-over ones driving me nuts.

                    Also, I have Adobe Flash blocked in Chrome, which means that I get great big grey boxes where some of your adverts are supposed to be. Is there a way you can detect that Flash is blocked and display a non-Flash advert instead?


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                      I use adblocker because Phoronix

                      Many sites are tolerable without adblockers, but Phoronix is a site that pushes you over the edge, it is one of the worst offenders of ads.

                      Initially I did not have adblocker at work, but Phoronix forced me to install adblocker because I did not want to get in trouble with my boss, because on Phoronix I would get ads about buying wives and women who want to have sex with me or something like that. So I didn't want people start wondering what kind of sites I visit at work.

                      I think Phoronix also used to have popovers and popunders and all kinds of annoying ads, full-page ads and floating layers and stuff.

                      Many sites I could tolerate with ads, but not Phoronix.
                      I still have non-obtrusive ads whitelisted.