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  • OpenFOAM hardware choices

    I have been trying tobuild an OpenFOAM workstation and am having trouble getting a system that functions well. My recurring problem seems to be in graphics drivers. A couple years ago I built a system with AMD Phenom II 980 and Radeon HD 4870 feeding two 1920x1200 displays. That system worked very well using the CAELinux 2011 but now there are multiple issus with the displays and bugs elsewhere in CAELinux 2013. ( For example in 2011 version (Ubuntu 10.04) the mouse will scroll smoothly from one screen to another. In 2013 (Ubuntu 12.04) the cursor hangs at theedge of one screen for a bit befor jumping to the next screen.

    I bought a Toshiba Laptop P75-A7200 with i7-4700MQ and HD 4600 graphics. This system runs well booting from USB but when I install to HD the backlight turns off. I can see the screen if I shine sunlight on it but obviously it sucks....

    I tried another system, an AMD A10-5800K with 16Gb RAM. It was very sluggish in displaying 3D models

    It seems like I am always caught with either "That hardware is too new. We dont have a driver yet." or "That hardware is too old. We no longer support it."

    Can anyone suggest a workstation that has good compatability with the latest OpenFOAM software?
    One I am looking at is Xeon 1220v3 in a B85 motherboard and a workstation graphics card such as AMD FirePro V4900. I am also looking at Nvidia GTX 750.
    The goal here is to get to learning OpenFOAM instead of troubleshooting Linux.