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Less Than Half The Phoronix Traffic Is From Linux Systems

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    Originally posted by jukkan View Post
    Built-in pdf viewer & flash player is why.
    Probably not a lot of Chromiumbooks for sale either
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      Linux vs Windows performance

      Originally posted by plantroon View Post
      To actually make Linux perform well, you need a NEW 500$+ rig ... I can't afford that now. (I wouldn't pay for Windows license either, the Win 8.1 I have on my PC is bought for cheap from a friend because he uses Win 7 instead)
      I'm running Linux right now on an old ASUS eeePC with 2GB RAM, and it's way faster than the Windows 7 (which I've wiped) that came pre-installed on the machine.

      If you've been using something heavy like KDE on a lightweight machine, I can understand why it would perform badly. I'm using Debian testing, with LXDE as the desktop environment.


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        Just thought I'd let people know I often browse on my BB Z10 so that would contribute to the other.


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          I usually read Phoronix in the office, and these PCs runs Windows XP and 7. (Too bad there is no Win8 at all)

          But Fedora is my primary OS at home. I only boot Win7 for Windows games or building Windows application.


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            It's been a while since I regularly ran a Linux desktop, but I run Linux servers. Obviously my servers don't visit Phoronix too regularly, unless they've developed sentience without telling me.

            Linux on the desktop also seems to be on an exciting precipice, between Wayland, systemd, LLVM, and Steam. Some other Linux-first desktop software is also pretty exciting: Gimp got a UX refresh, and it's finally close to fully integrating GEGL (although adjustment layers are still a ways off). Blender also got a UX refresh, and the next version will finally have a better keymap. Inkscape is getting a major update soon. OpenShot continues to progress rapidly. Qt Creator also looks like it has become a fantastic IDE, comparable to Visual Studio (sorry Code::Blocks, KDevelop, etc), and I just need to find some time to dive into it. So even though my Linux desktops don't get booted very often these days, there's enough stuff to excite me about the future of Linux that I keep my ear close to the ground.


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              Originally posted by erendorn View Post
              I develop on windows and Linux, and Visual Studio is a very good development environment, certainly not targeted at consumers (and yes, an IDE helps development). It's not free, but in a big company, who cares?
              Actually, nowadays they do have a free "Express" edition, and it's perfectly usable even for professional development. The only downside I've run into is that it doesn't support plugins.


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                Originally posted by phoronix View Post
                Phoronix: Less Than Half The Phoronix Traffic Is From Linux Systems

                With the recent news of Linux's overall web traffic doubling to about 2%, here are some Phoronix web statistics for those interested...

                yeah, that's cause everyone is waiting for X to die and Wayland based desktops to take over


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                  Originally posted by Apopas View Post
                  I agree but I didn't see any extremism or zealotry here. Just a guy's surprise when he sees the windows stats in a Linux site. It's just a logical reaction.
                  Which is pretty much as stupid as being surprised that there would be car users on a cyclist website. Being unable to conceive that people could be interested in Linux and yet still use windows is certainly not logical. Not conceiving that others might think differently than oneself is precisely extremism.

                  Originally posted by Apopas View Post
                  Does not? Then if you could do all your jobs with Linux, you would still use windows?
                  Nope, "could" is not enough. But if Linux was best suited for all my use cases, yes, I would use it exclusively. But it's not, so I use different tools. I don't think that's too controversial.


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                    Stupid work PC

                    I mostly run Linux at home, on both home server and a laptop. I have to run Windows at work due to idiotic IT policies. I have a Debian Linux VM running on same Windows PC where I do most of development, run IDEs, all that. And we have lots of Red-Hat Linux servers, but running a browser is still more convenient directly on my Windows PC...


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                      You see now?

                      This is the point I've been trying to make. Most people dual-boot just to have Linux as bragging rights and to come to places like this and brag about how they use Linux. The fact is, 99% of a dual-booters time is spent in Windows.

                      People, you can't break the habit of being locked in to Windows if you continue to use Windows only Software. You have to take the plunge like I did and jump in head first so you can cure yourself of Microsoft's slave chains.

                      Better yet, choose one. Use one or the other, you can't have both. Time to make a final choice people, as it is now you are hurting Linux by dual-booting.