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More Phoronix Site Improvements Merged

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  • More Phoronix Site Improvements Merged

    Phoronix: More Phoronix Site Improvements Merged

    Made live today were a few minor tweaks to the new site layout and PHXCMS-9 content management system. A few visual bugs were squashed and other small enhancements committed...

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    Thank you!

    I can read phoronix on my phone again!


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      may i suggest removing the one pixel border around the green thing at the top

      now its green - grey border - brown/black firefox


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        I do get an ad about Adobe Creative Cloud, which I like. However, it's not for Ubuntu and I couldn't get it to work through Wine, so I let the CC trial expire last month. I'm cool with the IBM ad, even though I don't have plans to use their products as it's business-only. Auto insurance? I loathe cars.

        I did get 3 ads in a home page that advertises MongoDB by rackspace but I didn't take a screenshot of it. Not even a drug ad (prescription) that I saw in a home page. I'll keep a watch for it if I'm seeing an inappropriate ad.


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          Tbh, I really, really like the new design once I got used to the somewhat bigger font on the desktop. I think it looks clean and nice and still has the "Phoronix touch" now. I am especially happy how it turned out because some of the WIP pictures Michael posted on Twitter just a week or two ago were still a nightmare


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            Too bad the forum first post on a page still is very long regardless of message length.


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              Do you accept ads that play video? Videos can be a bandwidth hog. They play a video ad and a very short news.

              I didn't get the ad URL as it is too late, but just in case, how do I get the URL of an ad?


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                Oh, by the way, once this gets resolved, can the images be removed? I can't edit my post after 5 minutes. Sometimes I want to clean up my web server.

                Originally posted by plonoma View Post
                Too bad the forum first post on a page still is very long regardless of message length.
                I really don't like having to scroll down too far only to see the next post. Can't the ad be made horizontal?


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                  Please make the width of the grey boxes on the right hand side scale with the font size. Currently, the width of the outer div is set to 380px. I guess it should be around 24em for the default font size.


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                    page loads do seem slightly faster.