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    Those gradients really look outdated. (the ones on the right) Other than that it's nice, especially the top.


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      Yea, you might be right.
      They were inspired by the forums.

      However, I still think the default grey titlebars were too light grey, so I've made another attempt with them toned down a bit:

      And the css file:


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        If you click on an article right now, the right sidebar is different from the home sidebar. I actually like it more than the older one for 2 reasons
        1: Easy to read
        2: Hard to mis-click. I use that side bar area all the time so it's a real nice addition for me.

        Also regarding the grey... Hmm, I like it better than the gradient but dark green on grey isn't exactly the best.
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          Originally posted by JS987 View Post
          Your monitor has CCFL backlight where PWM flicker isn't such problem like in case of LED backlight.

          Following and other things are damaging eyes:
          1. high brightness
          2. blue light which is also part of white light
          3. PWM flicker
          4. FRC flicker
          0. prolonged eye concentration on near-immobile target (display)
          Causes lack of blinking, that results in absence of tear fluid - an essential lubricator and disinfector, that leads dried, inflamed cellular tissue.
          Causes overstrain of focusing muscles, that causes muscle to loose ability to be flexible and nerve synapses to loose sync with muscle state leading to bad focus, also that
          Causes damage and deformation to crystalline lens.

          In short, body will atrophy any subsystems that are not in use. Buddhist monks are fond of counting leaves on trees.


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            Originally posted by mudig View Post
            I'm not sure it "damages" your eyes I have a Samsung 245B+ from 2008 and I see no flicker on it. If you see flicker, turn brightness down until you hit flicker. In any case, this is yet another example where the problem isn't the new design but the shitty screen.
            keyword - pupillary reflex.
            And also some effect on endocrine secretion, that affect brain wake/sleep state.
            Also some hypnotic subconscious effect possible when exposed for prolonged time.
            Our sun does not flicker, nor moon...

            Talking about shitty screen, they were all shitty - straight from CRT era up till start of 2014 screens. Only newer are DC controlled, and then - not all of them are fixed.


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              For iPhone/IPod users I am now overriding the default font until the weird iOS situation is fixed... The font works fine for every other platform tested except the iPhone in portrait mode. But now it will use Helvetica by default.
              Michael Larabel


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                I like the design but was very disappointed that the site didn't get responsive in the update, am I really the only one trying to read the articles on my phone?