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  • The New Phoronix Site Design

    Phoronix: The New Phoronix Site Design

    As most Phoronix readers will have noticed, the new site design is now live for all users as of a few hours ago...

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      Originally posted by _SXX_ View Post

      This. Seriously, remove it.


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        I agree about the height suggestions. And I don't see what's wrong with seeing your face in the articles. Every other site has it and now we know that he's a real person.


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          Originally posted by siavashserver
          Looks very nice I think increasing height of Categories listed on left sidebar will make them easier to recognize on first sight. May be something between 2em-3ems?
          I agree. I think they should be a little bit larger. After tinkering around with the CSS I think "td#phxcms_content_left ol li" should change the text-size to something in the 1.3-1.4em range and the line height to something in the 1.8-1.9em range (which, to me, looks large but not too large as 2 or 3 em did).


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            I agree, the page is really nice. And it seems somehow faster.

            Considering the use of Adblock: I disabled adblock for phoronix a long time ago, however, I still use ghostery which basically disables tracking me in the web. Using ghostery, no ad is displayed on phoronix. I wouldn't mind seeing ads on phorinix, however, I don't wan't to be tracked. Is there any way around this issue?


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              Mobile Version

              On my iPhone 4S the text renders in ugly and irritating bold! Aparrently the iPhone renders the bold by doubling the font, making it look shadowy and blurry. However I like that the mobile version now has the articles in the leftmost column, such that horizontal scroll is no longer needed.


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                I see the same old design and layout. I see different fonts and, maybe, a slightly different nuance of green. That'd be it.
                I wouldn't call it a "new site design", in my opinion, just a light make up.


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                  So much better than the old layout. It's more readable and modern, thank you for the update!


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                    Is the text supposed to look like this?


                    I've force-refreshed, win7 enterprise 64, firefox 27 or chrome.