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    Just wait until systemd becomes sentient and start cleaning the forums itself (or herself? who knows)


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      Originally posted by endman View Post
      I think the problem can be problem can be linked directly to these people:


      With zester and BreadedGNUFreak being the hot shot of the day.
      Don't forget LinuxGamer, Dee, and Bo$$.


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        Originally posted by dh04000 View Post
        Don't forget LinuxGamer, Dee, and Bo$$.
        And when we are at it, endman and his countless alter egos (BSDSucksDick, kraftman, CthuIhux (not Cthulhux) and the like) also belong on the list.
        But anyways, I had already a conversation with one of the mods about banning the trolls and he said that they were working on a solution. But this was a few months ago and still nothing happened.


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          Well I suppose the easiest thing would be to clean up comments that are off topic. BSD gets something (anything) and it turns into BSD bashing. The Mir/Wayland debate.. not sure I should use that word.. also seem to veer off topic into canonical this or that.

          So if there was a mod that could temp ban people for posting off topic flame bait that would go a long way IMO.

          I would also like to see people citing things instead of asspulling every "truth"... that maybe too much to ask for..

          Oh and I am against the karma system giving the virtually nonexistent maturity on the Internet period... let alone around these parts.


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            This is funny. There are people who are really off-scale, like BO$$, because they always choose random position with sole goal of trolling.
            Then, there are people who clearly have zero relation to anything Linux (topic of this project) because they are here to ignite flamewars, tossing occasional windows/anti-gpl superiority or randomly picking accusations/deficiencies of Linux for the sole goal of flaming, derailing, hate-posting - like Sonadow, zester(to major degree).

            Finally, there are people who have own position, that may not always have sound position, but their position is justified and never changes, that is kraftman, elanthis, dee and co. While they do ignite flamewars and may have very contrast tastes, it happens only when people above provoke them and they retreat if the matter is settled or cleared, and they do post insightful comments or facts. They nearly always get labeled as trolls by those who have been trashing/provoking the thread along with them - matter of time. I don't hold them for trolls.

            I guess there is no actual problem here, because development is always bound to politics and politics can't be evaded. Adding prohibition of politics/policy as a rule, will really cut expression count back to bug, not bug - which is usually taking place inside devlists anyway. Maybe limit politics, flame wars, and theories to general (aka anything) forum?


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              Originally posted by kde185 View Post
              It also avoids the problem of censorship because people can still read every idiotic statement by checking out the "garbage" thread.
              Careful, with that approach, one wrong step and your god+mods turns into satan+brown nosers.


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                Well asdx found out how to be banned.