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Spam, malware, redirects make the forums unusable

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  • Spam, malware, redirects make the forums unusable

    I'd just like to report that I was forced to install AdBlock because the forums were completely unusable for me.

    First it started on Android, where some ad would download an apk (MoboMarket.apk I think) automatically saying it was some awesome tool to do cool stuff, and that I should really install it because it would be good for me or whatever. Now on my Ubuntu PC I get redirected to some random malware page saying that Microsoft Antivirus found a problem on my PC and I need to click on the "Continue" button to "fix" the problem. What..... The....... Fuck?

    I'd like to also add that I sent an email about one month ago reporting the Android issue and never got a response back, so I didn't bother to check if it's still happening or not, but judging from the "Antivirus" page I just got redirected to I would say it's not fixed.