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What Laptops Would You Like To See Tested On Linux?

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    Originally posted by myxal View Post
    Won't you wait for AMD's Kaveri-equipped laptops? I'd vote for whatever small HP ProBook that comes with it. Admittedly, with AMD's execution and delivery skills as of late, it may be another 6-9 months before the laptops are on sale :-(
    Might as well wait for Broadwell... 2014 is close...


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      1) A hybrid notebook with touchscreen, like Dell's XPS 12 2-in-1 Ultrabook.
      2) Any Trinity/Richland or Kaveri notebook


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        lowend laptops

        some of the cheapest/low-end 10"-11" laptops available now (for example acer aspire v5-121/v5-131)


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          Latest Zenbook machines !

          Hi Michael,

          I'd be interested in the results of the new Zenbook models from Asus.
          To be specific, the X301 & X302 Zenbooks. Some details here :

          There should be no problems with the one equipped entirely with Intel chips. But Im curious about the Hashwell + GeForce one, and its raid 0 SSD stockage option.

          Apart from those two models, I'm interested in any laptop that has small SSD (say 32 or 64Go) + big HDD, and how this can be handled in a smart way by Linux ??
          Is the SSD simply used to mount / while /home is on the HDD, or is there any caching features etc.


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            $200 laptop only Ubuntu one on Amazon

            I did a very small review of it here, it's now only $200:


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              Latest Zenbook machines !

              Thinking about their new machines : the UX301 & especially the UX302.
              Some more details :

              Things worth testing on those machines, but alsa on any other models :
              - Dual SSD (raid 0)
              - SSD caching (short SSD + big HDD)
              - hybrid graphics with latests chips from both NVidia & Intel
              - Touchscreen (as many new lightweight machines are shipped with ...)
              - Battery life !!! (delta from Windows tests on same machine ?)


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                Go with anything that is the most different from what you already own. That will likely mean anything that isn't Intel Sandy Bridge, Ivy Bridge, or Haswell.

                GPU I suppose doesn't really matter, you've got a pretty good selection from low to high end.


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                  I would like to see the Asus U38N tested, it's basically an AMD ultrabook, 13,3" Full HD with touchscreen, A8 or A10 CPU, and overall very sleek look. It has been reported problematic with Ubuntu but that was with older versions. I would like to see it tested specially with a brand new distro with good AMD open-source and UEFI support, ideally Fedora 20.


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                    Lenovo Thinkpads

                    I would like to see tested any of new Lenovo Thinkpads laptop, especially new trackpoint/touchpad. I'm thinking the most about x240 and x140e, the second should be selled which Ubuntu 12.04 preinstalled.


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                      MSI GX60 or GX70. I want to see the state of AMD APUs and crossfire with high end GPUs on the same system as well as if the drivers will disable the high end crossfired GPUs and use the APU when they aren't needed as well as if the APU can be used for OpenCL while the crossfired GPUs are gaming.

                      A platform like that can get you allot of different articles instead of yet another Haswell review, especially since there are some specialty hardware bits like a KillerNIC that could be reviewed as well.